Periodontists often perform a biopsy on the gums when the appearance is abnormal. In almost all cases, the suspicious looking tissue is benign. However, by sending a tissue sample to a lab, the exact nature and cause of the tissue’s appearance can be determined. Of course, the primary goal of a biopsy is to rule out oral cancer.

The procedure itself is very straightforward. The affected area is anesthetized, a tissue specimen is removed with a scalpel, and then placed in a vial, which is sent to an oral pathology lab.

The oral path lab then dissects the tissue into thin slices so that it can be observed under a microscope.

It usually takes 7-10 days for the final results to be returned. You will be contacted with the results as soon as possible.

The surgical sites will be sore for 24-48 hours, and medication will be provided to alleviate any discomfort experienced. A week follow-up appointment is usually needed to ensure proper healing and to discuss the results.

A biopsy is an important and safe procedure which can ensure your oral health.