Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a procedure intended to increase the amount of tooth exposed above the gums. Dentists often need more tooth exposed above the gumline in order to prepare the tooth for a crown (or cap as some call it).

The procedure is very simple and straight-forward. After the tooth area is anesthetized, and incision is made around the tooth and the gum tissue is gently reflected.

Then a small of amount of the bone around the tooth is removed.

Finally, the gum flaps are sutured together in their new position, which is lower on the tooth.

Although some soreness is to be expected, most patients are able to continue with their daily routine the same or next day. Best of all, the general dentist will soon have enough tooth structure exposed to allow the tooth to be prepared for a crown - thereby transforming a potentially unmanagable tooth into a work of art and function.

The crown lengthening procedure is a gently, effective, and safe procedure.