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Smoking and Periodontal Disease

Smoking and Periodontal Disease - Aaron Periodontics and Dental Implants

Smoking has negative consequences for the body’s overall health, and periodontal health is no exception. Smoking has been shown in numerous studies to be related to periodontal disease.

Smoking can accelerate bone loss around the teeth, can contribute to calculus (or tartar) build-up, and decreases the blood supply to the gums and teeth. The body’s immune system is also repressed by smoking, which in turn represses the body’s ability to combat infection in the gums. Smoking can also result in staining of the teeth and bad breath.

Most importantly, smoking can lead to oral cancer which can be life-threatening.

On the bright side, research has indicated that a smoker’s risk of developing periodontal disease will be equivalent to a non-smoker’s approximately 10 years after quitting the habit.

It’s never too late to stop the smoking habit. Consult your physician or dentist today.

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